Bimetallic Washer, Plates & Sheets

We are Bimetallic washer, Bimetallic sheet, Bimetallic plate, Bimetallic strip Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Stockist in Mumbai, India.

Sidhartha Metal Company is a prominent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of copper/aluminium bimetals in Mumbai, India. With our own manufacturing setup, years of experience, and highly skilled personnel, we are able to provide high-quality copper/aluminium bimetal products according to the customer’s specific demands.

Technical Specification Of Bimetallic Plates, Bimetallic Washers & Bimetallic Sheets :

Material Grade Copper ETP, Aluminum 1060
Copper Purity 99.9%min
Aluminum Purity 99.6%min
Ratio for Aluminum : Copper (Volume) 80% : 20%
Ratio for Aluminum : Copper (Weight) 55% : 45%
Density(g/cm3) 3.8
Resistivity(Ω mm2/m) <0.019
Tensile Strength(N/mm2) more than 120
Elongation (%) 27-38
Peeling Strength(N/mm) more than 12
Hardness H24 (half hard)

SIMCO Copper/Aluminium Bimetal is also inspected by ways of shock resistance, hot water resistance, surface test to ensure that our customers receive products of utmost quality.

Copper aluminium bimetal
Copper/Aluminium Bimetal
Bimetallic plate
Copper/Aluminium Bimetal
Bimetallic sheet
Copper/Aluminium Bimetal Washers
Bimetallic washer
Copper/Aluminium Bimetal Washers

Copper/Aluminium Bimetal is also known as Copper Clad Aluminium, and it has multiple applications, such as in thermometers, circuit breakers, isolators, fire alarms, electrical devices, etc. They are generally manufactured in the ratio of 80 (Al) : 20 (Cu) or 85 (Al) : 15 (Cu).

We keep 300mm x 600mm bimetal plates and sheets in ready stock in thicknesses of 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, and 3mm and can provide other copper or aluminium bimetal products as per the customer’s demands.

Why Copper/Aluminium Bimetal?

Bimetallic galvanic corrosion occurs when aluminium terminals are directly connected to copper terminals to carry current at a high voltage, which results in a high resistance at the joint. The heated joints are oxidised and lose contact, which causes sparks, voltage dropout, power losses, failure, and damage to machinery. To avoid this, a copper/aluminium bimetal is placed as a transition. Plate between the terminals where the copper faces and the aluminium facesaluminium. Thus, copper/aluminium bimetal is used at dissimilar metal joints of aluminium and copper to make similar metals contact.

With the help of our in-house manufacturing facility, we are able to supply copper/aluminium bimetal products to major government, semi-government, and private organisations in India and throughout the globe. We make customised bimetal components such as copper/aluminium bimetal sleeves, bimetal washers, and square bimetal washers in various sizes depending on the customer’s requirements.

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