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Fibreglass Coated Copper Strips/Wires/Conductors, Paper Covered, Insulated

Fibreglass Coated Copper Strip/Wires/Conductors, Paper Covered, Insulated

Sidhartha Metal Company is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of fibreglass coated copper strip, wire, conductors, paper covered, insulated in India. We specialize in manufacturing Fibreglass Coated Copper Strips/Wires/Conductors. Paper Covered, Insulated,
We produce copper strips, wires and conductors with the following coatings in-house –
1. Double Paper Covering
2. Double Cotton Covering
3. Bunched Copper with Covering
4. Multiple Copper with Covering
5. Polyester Film Covering
6. PVC Insulation
7. Fibreglass Coating
Our paper covering options include – Electrical Grade Kraft Paper, Nomex Paper, Mica Paper, Thermally Upgraded paper, Crepe Paper, Polyester Paper.

Note – Please use the images that have been used in our catalog, just don’t use the second image which is silver in colour (bended piece)