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We Are Manufacturer Of Copper Laminated Flexible In India

Copper Laminated Flexible Are Available In Different Sizes & Shapes

Laminated Copper Flexible Are Extensively Used In Bus Duct

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Copper Laminated Jumpers

Copper Laminated Flexible Jumpers

Copper Laminated Flexible Jumpers Supplier, Manufacturer & Exporter in Mumbai, India

Copper laminated flexible jumpers are made from electrolytic grade copper foil. The copper foils are stacked together and by a special diffusion method are solidified at the contact areas. The metal itself melts and forms homogeneous bonds thus giving a very negligible, almost nil, millivolt drop across the connector, thereby reducing the temperature rise and increasing the current carrying capacity of the copper laminated jumpers and as a result copper laminated flexible jumpers is a perfect substitute for solid copper bus bar.

Copper laminated flexible jumpers are used to connect bus bars in Busducts, Switchgear, Power Plants, Caustic Soda plant, Chlorine plant using mercury Cell, Modular Cell , Membrane Cell, Diaphragm Cell, Hydro chloride Cell, Manganese Dioxide Cell and Cathodic Protection, Transformer, V.C.B., Resistance welding engineering, Electric Locomotives, Furnaces etc. as expansion connectors to prevent damages from other parts of machines or switchgears and to take care of thermal and dynamic stresses caused by short circuit current in the system.

Copper Flexible Jumpers are individually designed and manufactured keeping in view the customer”s requirement. Some of the types and features of copper laminated flexible jumpers are as follows –

Copper Laminated Jumpers Plating Options

  • Tin Plated Copper Laminated Flexible Jumpers
  • Silver Plated Copper Laminated Flexible Jumpers

Copper Laminated Jumpers Applications :

  • Transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Busducts
  • Power plants
  • Electric locomotives
  • Furnaces
  • Chemical plants
  • Panel boards

SIMCO specializes in the manufacturing of copper laminated jumpers in Mumbai, India. The raw material that is used to manufacture our copper laminated jumpers products is LME grade ‘A’ cathodes of purity greater than 99.99% copper resulting in higher conductivity, crack-free extrusion, excellent finish, and longer life.



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