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Confused as to either of the alloys will be more suitable for your business? Take a look at our blog as we give you a little insight to both of these Manganese bronze plates and silicon bronze plates and help you to take a better decision.


Manganese Bronze Plates

MANGANESE BRONZE PLATES: Manganese bronze contains small additions of manganese, iron, and aluminum, plus lead for lubricity, anti-seizing, and bonding. Like the aluminum bronzes, they combine high strength with excellent corrosion resistance. Manganese bronze bearings can operate at high speeds under heavy loads, but require high shaft hardness and nonabrasive operating conditions. Manganese bronze has good resistance when immersed in salt or freshwater, making it a common alloy in the marine and industrial atmosphere. The some of the varieties are:

  • C66800 Manganese Bronze: Used for industrial purposes such as gears, sealing rings, thrust bearings, bushings, cams, spindles etc.
  • C67300 Manganese Bronze: The industrial purposes are; gears and cams, wear plates, bushings, seal rings, idler pins, piston heads, bearing pins, thrust bearings etc.
  • C67400 Manganese Bronze: The industrial uses of these bushings, shafts, cams, chain guides, wear plates, gears, food conveyor chain etc.
  • C67420 Manganese Bronze:  Industrial uses are; Gear rings, Shafts, Wear Plates etc
Silicon Bronze Plates

Silicon Bronze Plates

SILICON BRONZE PLATES: Silicon bronze is a low-lead brass alloy that is generally composed of 96 percent copper. The remainder can be made from silicon and a variety of other alloys such as manganese, tin, iron, or zinc. Silicon Bronze is known for its easy pouring ability, appealing surface finish, and superior corrosion resistant properties, even when submerged in liquids and chemicals. Silicon Bronze was originally developed for the chemical industry but later expanded due to its good casting characteristics.

Features of Silicon bronze plates are that; they offer added strength in conjunction with the self-lubricity of silicon for excellent bearing and load properties. This is especially useful when silicon bronze is used for bearing cages, raceways, and spacers specifically for the aerospace industry.

AMS 4616 are a special high-strength silicon bronze that is easily machined into a ball bearing cage assemblies. The additional iron content in this in C 65620 provides added strength for easy machinability. All material of AMS 4616 is DFARS compliant and supplied with micro-structures.