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beryllium copper plates

beryllium copper plates

The Beryllium copper alloy is highly versatile of every copper alloy. It combines an extensive range of features that make Beryllium copper alloys that perfect materials for meeting the accurate needs of various products demanding better specifications which are used in diverse markets. Our alloys provide an extensive range of electrical and mechanical properties, combining with fantastic form-ability that is exclusive for the copper alloys. It also has a great demand in various industries because of its greater strength in addition to non-sparkling and non-magnetic properties.

It is essential to know that these alloys exhibit an extensive array of useful properties including high strength, excellent abrasion, and wear and corrosion resistance. Here are the main features of beryllium copper alloys as follows:

  • High elasticity modulus

The copper alloys can resist increased bending stress as well as retain its original form

  • High Strength

    beryllium copper plates and sheets

    beryllium copper plates and sheets

It can achieve high strength property through the precipitation hardening.

  • Durability

These copper alloys can withstand non-stop wear and wear or decay without experiencing some loss in the strength. Additionally, it can compete or perform over an extended time without a significant deterioration.

  • Ductility

It can deform easily under any tensile stress. It is stretchable and capable of ensuring large permanent alterations in form without breaking.

  • Conductivity

It has high electrical conductivity.

  • Weldability

    Beryllium copper rods

    Beryllium copper rods

The copper alloys can be welded easily under the imposed conditions

  • High resistance

The copper allows have excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Reliability

The integrity of copper alloy is very good