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downloadCopper beryllium alloys are the most powerful and highest strength copper-based alloys which are also known as spring copper or beryllium bronze. We are the leading manufacturers and supplier of Copper beryllium alloys. Our commercial grades of beryllium copper alloys include 0.4 to 2.0 percent beryllium. In general, the small ratio of beryllium to copper will create a family of high copper alloys. However, the principal characteristics of Copper beryllium alloys are having an excellent response to precipitation-hardening treatments, as well as it has great thermal conductivity & resistance to stress relaxation.

Copper beryllium alloys highly utilized for specific applications like aerospace landing gears, oilfield tools, mould making and robotic welding applications. We export and supplies beryllium copper alloys including copper rods, beryllium copper bars, beryllium copper plates, beryllium copper sheets under the international standards, even these are also manufactured in based on the customer preferences. We specialized in manufacturing of beryllium copper rods and our products also owning its robust construction along with high functional efficiency, most importantly, our Beryllium copper rods are highly used for various industrial applications.

56cd20abf1073We are at Sidhartha Metals committed to offering best quality beryllium copper alloy products for different applications and our company also got great reorganization in the domestic market at the same time we have made an international presence. You can enjoy great benefit of using our copper-beryllium alloys. Currently, copper beryllium alloys are played important role in electronics because it is important to ensure greater reliability, additional benefits of beryllium copper alloys includes

  • Miniaturization of components as well as products in the future innovation
  • Increased electrical
  • Improved thermal conductivity
  • Enhanced function
  • Improved reliability      


blogMicroelectronics devices made by using copper beryllium alloys because these are highly effective and energy efficient also extend product life. We are offering you a complete choice of products including beryllium copper rods, chromium zirconium copper rods,  cadmium copper, chromium copper and other metal components. We at Sidhartha Metals produce beryllium Copper casting alloys which also combines the unique combination of physical as well as mechanical properties. Our products come with high strength and hardness, properties because we use advanced techniques and materials for the production. as well as we use proper construction methods so our products always provide great mechanical strength and hardness values also has superior electrical as well as thermal conductivity. Our main aim is to provide outstanding options, even these alloys also specified in applications demanding a combination of great hardness, maximum strength, toughness etc. Apart from that, we provide great products with outstanding thermal and electrical management characteristics. Overall, our products exhibit good strength also coupled with great corrosion resistance, excellent anti-galling as well as material toughness properties.