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Lightning & Earthing Accessories

Sidhartha Metal Company offers a wide range of earthing & lightning accessories. The lightning & earthing accessories are used to secure elevation rod by means of a bolted connection. SIMCO manufactures, exports and supplies various products which are used in lightning & earthing protection, they are –

Pure Copper Earth Rod & Accessories

Copper Rod
Coupling Dowel
Driving Head
Driving Spike

Pure copper earth rods are preferred where soil conditions are very aggressive & corrosive. The rods are threaded internally to make it extensible for deep driving with the help of couplers.

Copper Bonded Steel Earth Rod & Accessories

Copper Bonded Steel Earth Rods
Driving Head

Copper bonded steel earth rods are the most commonly used earth electrode. They are suitable for most application, compatible for deep driving & are economical. Copper bonded steel earth rods are made by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure copper onto high carbon, low tensile steel rods.

Air Termination Rods & Accessories

Air Termination Rod
Air Terminal Base
Flat Saddle
Multiple Point
Ridge Saddle

Air termination rods are made of pure copper. The rods are made with a tapered tip and is always installed on the top portion of the facility to be protected. Air termination rods arrest or attract the lightning strike and guide the energy to ground.  They are fixed on the building with the help of a base.

Clamps and Fittings

Rod to Tape Clamp
(Type A)
Rod to Tape Clamp
(Type G)
U Bolt Rod Clamp
(Type E)
U Bolt Rod Clamp
(Type GUV)
PUB Type Clamp

Clamps and Bonds

B Bond
Rain Water Pipe Bond
Tower Earth Clamp
Tee Clamp
Plate Type Test Clamp
Screw Down Test Clamp
Water Main Bond
Earth Bonding Point
Water Pipe Clamp



D.C Tape Clamp
Oblong Test Clamp
Heavy Duty Cable Saddle
Square Tape Clamp
Square Conductor
Test Clamp

Earthing Conductor