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We Are Manufacturers of Aluminium Laminated Flexible In India

Laminated Aluminium Flexible Connectors Are Available In Different Sizes & Shapes

Aluminium Flexible Connectors
Laminated Aluminium Flexible Connectors
Aluminium Flexible Connectors, Laminated Aluminium Connectors, Laminated Aluminium Flexible Busbar, Aluminium Connectors Manufacturer, Suppliers, Exporter, Stockist, Wholesaler & Distributors in Mumbai Aluminium Laminated Flexible Connectors are manufactured by stacking several foils of electrolytic tough pitcch (ETP) Aluminium and then applying high current under high pressure. These types of Aluminium laminated flexible connectors are commonly used as flexible expansion joints for connecting the bus bars in different applications. They are manufactured by a special metal diffusion process whereby the metal itself melts and forms homogenous bonds thus giving a very negligible, almost nil, millivolt drop across the connector, thereby reducing the temperature rise and increasing the current carrying capacity of the jumper. In this process, no filler metal is used to join two layers together. They have a constant cross section over whole length. The current carrying capacity of solid busbar and Aluminium laminated jumper manufactured by this process is the same. Therefore, these jumpers are a perfect substitute to solid busbar. It is also possible to drill, saw, braze, mill & weld the contact areas without any problem. The raw material that is used to manufacture our Aluminium products is LME grade ‘A’ cathodes of purity greater than 99.99% Aluminium resulting in higher conductivity, crack-free extrusion, excellent finish, and longer life. Laminated Aluminium Flexible Busbar & Laminated Aluminium Flexible Connectors have superior mechanical & electrical properties at high temperatures. Aluminium laminated flexible connectors are individually designed and manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirement. We are exporters, manufacturers, stockists & distributors of laminated Aluminium flexible connectors and laminated Aluminium flexible busbar and are known for our timely service, fast delivery, and plating quality in the market. This has led to successful alliances with major electrical and energy companies in India and rest of the world. Laminated Aluminium Flexible Specification: Single foil thickness: 0.05mm to 0.50mm The ends can be bare, tin or silver coated. Width of the connector: 20mm to 400mm. Raw material used is ETP grade Aluminium with a minimum Aluminium content of 99.90% and conductivity greater than 97% IACS. Cross-sectional area of connector: 20 sq.mm to 10000 + sq.mm Insulation can be provided on request. Aluminium Laminated Flexible Connectors Plating Options: Tin Plated Aluminium Laminated Flexible Connectors Silver Plated Aluminium Laminated Flexible Connectors Features Of Laminated Aluminium Flexible Connectors Available in different sizes Easy Application Applications Of Aluminium Flexible Connectors Power plants Bus Ducts Caustic soda plants Resistance welding machines Electric Locomotives Switchgear


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